PMP Certification

The PMP is an acronym for Project Management Professional. It is a certification managed by the project management institute in the United States.

The PMP qualification is a foremost recognised qualification that puts the holder at a vantage position amongst his peers.

To qualify to use this acronym after your name, you will have to subject yourself to a four (4) hours examination involving 250 question. Scoring up to 75% of these gives you a pass mark.

At PMNigeria, we help you with all the study packs you require to prepare for the exams with a 99.5% pass assurance, if you follow up to our instructions.

Also you are required to have taken a classroom course from a certified Project Manager before you can take the exams, for this you require minimum of 40hrs of classroom training.

We train and coach you and help you document all of these and send all your details to PMI for auditing and verification.